Third Grade Teacher to Teacher

2012 Teacher to Teacher:





3rd grade discussions ELA.doc



3rd grade writing .doc




2011 Teacher to Teacher:


Grade 3 Unit 2 Inspired by the Sea.pdf


Link to poems:


At the Sea Side by Robert Louis Stevenson

Do Oysters Sneeze? by Jack Prelutzky
Sleepy Oyster by Frances Gorman Risser

Undersea by Marchette Chute

Beachstones by Lilian Moore

“The Waves” Gertrude M. Jones

A Sand Witch for my Sandwich by Emily Sweeney

A Wave by Gussie Osborne

“The River Bank” in The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Poems (Read Aloud)
“From the Shore” Carl Sandburg

“Seal Lullaby” Rudyard Kipling

“Song of a Shell” Violet L. Cuslidge

“The Barracuda” John Gardner


Grade 3 Unit 3 Creative, Inventive, and Notable People.pdf


“The Folk Who Live in Backward Town” Mary Ann Hoberman

“Jimmy Jet and his TV Set” Shel Silverstein


Common Core Standards Table:


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